• Teaching Lab
Room Laboratory Director
H450 Precision Machinery and Metrology Lab. Hua-Wei Chi
H452-2 Wind Tunnel Lab. Pey-Shey Wu
H454 MEMS and Smart Material Lab. Jeng-Jong Ro, Chiang-Ho Cheng
H455 Thermodynamical and Fluid Mechanics Lab.
H459 Vehicle Controller Area Network (CAN BUS) Lab. Shun-Chang Chang
H830-2 Mechatronic Laboratory Chaio-shiung Chen
H832-1 Solid Mechanics Lab. Chiang-Ho Cheng

  • Research Lab
Room Laboratory Director
H404 Center for Smart/Nano Composite Structures Lab. Chien-Chang Lin
H405 Manufacturing Mechanics Lab. Cho-Chung Liang
H402 Impact Dynamics Lab. Tso-Liang Teng
H827 System Dynamics Simulation and Control Lab. Chih-Keng Chen
H449 Vehicle Solid Mechanics Lab. Hai-Ping Lin
H833-1 Servo Control Lab. Yih-Fang Chang
H447 Vehicle Electronics & Electrical Energy Management Lab. Shun-Chang Chang
H456 Computer Aided Design Lab. Ta-Ming Liu
H457 Fuel Cell Test Lab. Kun-Tsan Jeng
H825 Fuel Cell Lab. Kun-Tsan Jeng
H477-2 Mechanisms & Robots Lab. Jau-Jung Chen
H483 Vehicle System Dynamic Lab. I-Ping Chang
H465 Mechanical Internet Info Lab. C.Y.Kevin Shieh
H452-1 Heat Transfer Lab. Pey-Shey Wu
H823 Structure Vibration and Noise Control Lab. Jeng-Jong Ro
H831-1 Intelligent Robot and Mechatronics Lab. Chun-Ta Chen
H833-2 System Design Lab. Hong-Yih Cheng
H826 Mechatronic Systems Control Lab. Yao-Wen Tsai
H468 Micro System Lab. Chiang-Ho Cheng
H831-2 System Control Lab. Chaio-shiung Chen
H458 Precision Machine CAD/CAM Lab. Yuan-Lung Lai
H835-1 Precision Shaping Manufacture Lab. Jui-Feng Hu
H442 Mechanics Simulation Lab. Kuo-Hsiang Chen
H448 Precision Machinery & Optimization Design Lab. Hua-Wei Chi